“Welcome to the Fellowship, friend.”

Before you lie rows of tables and benches, fireplaces blazing at intervals along each wall of a vast high vaulted room. Shadows dance across the beams of the roof and a hundred faces, each more unusual than the next. Seated about the tables are adventurers of all kinds; sturdy warriors, frail mages, lithe rangers and all manner of creatures unreal. A mighty minotaur dominates conversation, clad in heavy plate armour. An elusive shardmind shifts between groups, seeking information.

Outside the grand oak doors stands the sprawling metropolis of Paskudny, it’s fortress-palace looming over the city. The slum districts home to countless ruffians and the noble districts contain limitless intrigue. Opportunity and gold awaits those willing to bet their lives.

Fellowship of the Obsidian Shields

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